Authentic  Italian  Delicatessen


We offer premium smoked and cured meats, cold cuts, sliced cheeses and other specialties!

DeRomo’s authentic Italian deli provides a generous selection of premium imported Italian and international smoked and cured meats, cold cuts, sliced cheeses and other specialties. Some of our most popular deli items explode with flavor to excite your taste buds with every bite including our delicate prosciutto, our tangy salamis, hot or sweet capicola, and sopressata, just to mention a few.

Customers can savor our juicy homemade roasted turkey and our slow-roasted pork or roast beef all hand cut and trimmed by our in-house butchers. We also offer delicious healthy choice alternatives that are 98% fat free with no nitrates. Customers can also choose from more traditional meats including chicken breast, ham, corned beef and pastrami. In addition, we offer a wide selection of freshly made deli salads, fresh mozzarella, our own in-house roasted peppers, marinated fresh artichoke hearts, olives and much more in our unique antipasto and soup bar.

The bread makes the sandwich, and we make the bread!

Our fresh baked sandwich breads come straight from our bakery to make the best hot and cold sandwiches, perfect for lunch on the go or to sit outside and enjoy with a cappuccino at our casual market cafe. Our international sandwich bar features a made-to-order selection of sandwiches with a variety of health-conscious options perfect for any diet needs.